My name's Dan Kats, and I'm currently a Pediatrics Resident at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children in Boston, MADisclaimer: This website is not affiliated with MGHfC (2020–2023). This website is where I provide clinical resources and education for my patients and the general population, as well as some resources for clinicians (mostly myself, but others are welcome to use anything they think is useful). All of the information on this site is written by me (with references provided as much as possible), but is strictly for educational purposes and should not be used as healthcare advice. If you have any specific or personal questions, please get in touch with your doctor.

While this website is for my role as a doctor, I also have a personal website for my non-medical hobbies and projects.

The moment that I signed my first adult job contract (4/1/2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic)